Monday, January 25, 2010

BP9_2010013_Web2.0Tool3 Stribe

If you've always wanted to create your own social network from the privacy of your own website, a customizable plug and play service that offers freedom of choice for its users, then Stribe is the tool for you! I found Stribe to be resourceful in that it offers users the ability to integrate logos, links, and color to create a unique visual appearance within a simple user-friendly interface that offers comfortable social interactions with all of the up-to-date engaging social features! The world is on the web which is now the main communication place--the scene for socialization, interaction, and collaboration. Stribe is an excellent enhancement to make such an experience more enjoyable with the special features that it offers its users.

Community connections are enabled with Stribe as it allows users from various social networks to participate globally as one global social ring with accessibility from any website that is Stribe-enabled. The engagement opportunities are endless since users can access their chat and personal messages, check out who's online and interact with other visitors who may be online.

The Back Office, Stribe's most dedicated feature, allows the creator to track the social activity of the site by identifying the most significant and active users, measuring marketing efforts and aligning community-to-business targets with informed decisions that are factual, not estimated. Stribe is the perfect two-dimensional portal that is cost effective because it's free to sign up and to maintain, therefore benefitting the creator because in the long run, it can yield financial gain.

Stribe will be perfect to enhance my own personal website. My intention is to use this tool in connection with my AR project which (at present) is to create more effective communication for intercultural exchange students, their parents, and host families during the transitional process while living and attending school abroad. There’s no place like home! But when you’re away from home, there’s no place like Stribe—the ideal place to communicate more effectively.

Personally, I have subscribed to Stribe primarily for creating a social network community for my critical friends and other affiliated visitors to create discussion, submit blog posts, and engage in other activity that will assist me in the forward progression toward successfully completing this project. This way I can experience for myself just how advantageous a tool of this type can really be.


  1. This sounds like a great tool. I wonder if I can access it from my school computer. I'll have to check first thing tomorrow. I am always looking for collaborative tools to introduce to my students.

  2. this really sounds intriguing. Blogger wasn't playing videos today :( So I will be checking back to investigate your 1-minute-message about it!